December 15, 2015


In summer months, you’re a beach-goer, but colder months leave you wishing for sunshine, waiting for warmth and longing for that feeling of silky sand between your toes. I know your type. Luckily I have a winter recommendation to help hold you over and bide your time until early May arrives. Reid State Park in Georgetown has a fairly private mile-long beach to walk along and beautiful views along the way. It’s truly the perfect afternoon get-a-way in December when you’re missing the warm-weather crowds of Old Orchard. You’ll more than likely have the place nearly to yourself, even on a Sunday. Throw on a jacket and bring the camera, but leave the sandals at home.

From the parking lot, you can walk out to Griffith Head, a rocky headland that offers revealing views of the entire beach. As the waves crash onto shore and the tide releases into the depths of the ocean, you’ll have a prime spot to take in the picturesque park landscape.

This area is easily accessible and simple to find, plus it’s less than an hour from Portland! Follow these easy directions.


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