June 16, 2015


Here are the 10 favorite photos that I’ve taken in our great state. Each represents a certain memory and a particular place in time that will forever be ingrained in the back of my mind. As someone who’s had the opportunity to travel across Maine more times than I could start to recall, I’ve been lucky. I’ve set off in a canoe for week-long waterway journeys to photograph moose and bald eagles. I’ve flown into remote Western Maine in a Cessna and experienced the peaceful beauty of having not a soul for miles around.

I’ve cooked more meals over an open flame, while coyotes howl off in the distance, than I can count. I’ve sat on beaches of remote lakes, without a single source of light pollution, and fallen asleep as staring up at the stars. I’ve hiked to Maine’s highest point and crossed Knife’s Edge, the most torturous section, in a hail storm. The point being, adventure is never that far away in Maine. You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to have top-notch gear, you don’t have to have unlimited vacation time – you just need to have the desire.

The reason behind every journey – getting out into the heart of nature. So far out, in fact, that moose don’t run from you, but stand in awe because they haven’t seen a human in so long.

Rising early in the morning pays off. On this morning it paid off with plenty of color.

One of the more famous fly-fishing holes in Maine along the Penobscot RIver. Beautiful fall fishing.

Rangeley has and will forever captivate my imagination. It’s truly God’s Country.

A beautiful view of Maine’s exclusive Mountain.

One of the many visitors that would follow me down the river. From tree to tree he would fly and land as if partly exploring with me.

A late summer’s Katahdin summit experienced turned nasty as hail begin to fall as we crossed Knife’s Edge. Slippery boots were not fun as you stared directly down 2,000 feet.

This camping spot was deep in Western Maine’s mountains. Surrounded by moose and turning foliage.

Canoe trips with a view of Mount Katahdin cannot be beat. We loved this sandy beach camping spot so much, we stayed two nights before moving on.

A quiet morning on Chesuncook Lake (largest in Maine). I hadn’t seen or heard a person in 5 days.