March 12, 2014


Let's pretend it's not snowing outside today and just focus on the fact Spring is only eight days away. With that said, there is mud in ever rural driveway from here to Fort Kent, evidence that  temperatures are indeed rising, finally.  That means one thing - it's time to grab your tent, 12-pack of local brews, a lighter and head camping.  A little remaining snow on the ground is no reason to stay indoors all weekend long, even if you are a fair-weather outdoorsman. A good down sleeping bag will keep you warm at night and the afternoons will be warming up very shortly. My favorite spot to head come Spring is The Kancamagus Highway in NH. With a handful of affordable, fairly low-key and conveniently located campgrounds along the highway - you'll find an excellent spot to pop a tent without even needing a reservation ahead of time. No excuses - pick a weekend now, pack the car and go!


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