March 6, 2014


When you arrive to your local lake at lunch and the rest of the fishermen are leaving - that may be a bad sign for your day's fishing luck. More than likely, it's much more than a bad sign, it means you'll surely get skunked. But as they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. Sometimes that's the case. As for me I have a manual auger and with 2+ feet of ice today, it's a more brutal, exhausting loss to have the fish avoid your bait.

As for me, I make the most of any situation. Today, I concoct a friendly game of ice bowling with our fishing party. Simple rules apply. Two shots across the ice with a full can of beer into a stack of empties. 1 point per can. First to 100 wins.

As expected, no flags today, but the scenery was beautiful and the temperatures fairly mild - a perfect day to be outdoors!

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