August 6, 2013

Hand Over the Waders

It can be difficult this time of year to find productive trout and salmon fishing - with a spin or fly setup. We try our luck anyway. Any day waist deep in the river beats being waist deep in office paperwork. The Penobscot River is famed for gorgeous landlocked salmon and perfect native brook trout. Spring and fall typically are the best seasons to experience success. As the summer rolls on, it can be tough, particularly for me as a novice fly fisherman to bring much to the surface (at least that's what I continue telling myself). The excitement is always in the journey itself and being able to become more proficient in reading the water, casting and tying knots. A morning rain shower cleared, giving us time to enjoy the view and sounds of nature outside Baxter State Park. Today, I hand over my waders so someone else can give it a chance. This offers me a chance to grab a cold drink from the cooler take in the view. Success isn't always about how many fish you catch or catching the biggest fish - so says the guy walking back to camp empty handed...

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