August 13, 2013

Big Sky in Rangeley // To-Do List

Summer in Maine can be short. Flipping through a calendar, you’ll find every season is the same length, but in Maine the warm months seem to fly by. Snow usually lingers for 6 months, so we tend to celebrate summer pretty hard. What better way than hammering down on a Harley at 50MPH down a country road. Fresh mountain air surrounding you. Nothing separating you and Mother Nature. 

I bought my second bike this spring and have put on 5,000 miles exploring the coast of Maine to cruising over the mountains and around the lakes of Western Maine. Overnight road trips to national parks in New Hampshire – no destination seems to far away. Pack light and let the pipes roar down the road.

Set out for yourself down Route 17 to Rangeley. Stop at the Height of Land for a few photos with the family. Get out early enough to watch the sunrise and follow it up by hitting the famed  Gingerbread House for breakfast in Oquossoc (right at the end of Route 17). Even take the afternoon for a seaplane or helicopter ride at Acadian Seaplanes. There is always a host of activities apart from fishing and camping. 

Here are a few photos from one of my favorite places in Maine, Rangeley. Nothing speaks to picturesque Maine like the rolling hills, beautiful lakes and bright blue skies quite the same. I call it Big Sky Country simply as the sky-scape always seems to be so dynamic.

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Anonymous said...

Love the post! You continue to have such great pictures and always a treat to view and read.