May 17, 2013

Lately on the Coast

Summer seems to be shifting its weight and Spring is losing ground. Weather is warming and more fishermen are taking to the waters. Busyness is felt as you cruise down the coastal roads – there even seems to be more seagulls, but I suppose that comes with the increased fishing activity. T-shirt temperatures and blue skies are key elements to any good outing. The past few days have started to qualify. Here’s to a great Maine summer… and for your information – the tent and sleeping bags are packed and I’m looking to hit the road.

The brilliant colors of the Portland docks always capture my eye. The bright greens and reds of the boats bounce off the glassy water like a mirror reflection. The varied sizes, shapes and colors of lobster pots stand in the background. A tranquil afternoon. 

Larger fishing vessels lie in waiting on the outskirts of town. Cleaned up, stocked, and ready for a successful haul. The crew hustles back and forth, making last minute preparations. Beacons of local lighthouses continue their work as well. As with the lobster pots standing down town, these towers stand strong and steady, for if a storm moves in – their light will be needed. 

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