April 14, 2013

Woolrich S/S 2013

Woolrich is helping outdoorsmen gear up for Spring/Summer adventures in 2013 with a great new line-up. As temperatures approach 70 across the country (if not already), I'm searching closets for my favorite short sleeve shirts from last summer. I'll be adding the Tectonic Plaid ShirtCanvas Trekking Cargo's, and Windwood Shirt to my personal collection of "go-to" warm-weather clothing. Here's a quick highlight:
Tectonic Plaid Shirt
A crinkle weave of polyester/nylon proves lightweight, cool and breathable. Colors pop for Summer from trail to backyard. Wrinkle-resistant - so when you cram it into your hiking pack at noon, you'll still look great hitting the town at night. Simple snap buttons add to the ease. A great cut allow for movement on-the-go.

Canvas Trekking Cargo's
An all-around ideal pair of shorts. Classic styling that falls above the knee, with just enough room to chase the dog around the backyard or feel comfortable in the office chair. Square trek pockets are clean cut with button snaps. I'll be picking up another pair as one simply won't suffice. Folks will begin noticing I'm wearing the same shorts everyday.

Windwood Shirt
Long-sleeve, yes. Too warm, no. The 100% ripstop nylon with a mesh back yoke is a ventilation machine. Convertible sleeves are one of my favorite features on Woolrich shirts. With a few minutes of work, most light-weight shirt sleeves come undone.The button-up sleeves hold secure all day, whether your paddling your favorite river or splitting camp wood. Add this to your seasonal wardrobe.

(Editor's note: The kind folks at Woolrich provided these items for review)


Vanessa said...

LL Bean Signature had a pair of shorts similar to those. I have them in corduroy and they are really way too warm.

What do you think of the button quality on the Woolrich shorts? Looks good!

Rhon Bell said...

I actually remember the Shorts you're talking about. These aren't too warm. Material is fairly light and loose enough to let you breathe. I think they are a 8/10.


Unknown said...

Just beautiful. Glad your riding and blogging again.
Adorable german shepherd