April 3, 2013

Review: Platypus Sprinter XT 35 Pack

                 SPRING IS HERE!

Now is the time to gear-up for your warm weather adventures. Whether a day hike, over night trip, or ultralight multi-day excursion, the Sprinter XT 35 is the solution to a problem you may not have realized you had. Packs are constantly being re-engineered for maximum comfort and functionality, but Platypus (a division of Cascade Designs, think Therm-a-Rest and MSR) truly incorporates nearly everything into the Sprinter series. Let's take a look at some of the features:

               Weight:    2 lb. 13 oz.
               Capacity: 35L
               Price:       $159

Independent Hydration Pocket
No longer must you unclasp, unsynch, and untie the main compartment to fiddle with or refill your hydration pouch. Integrating a dedicated pocket directly behind the back support, with a simple unzip you have full access to an included 3.0L hydration sleeve. Simplicity anywhere on the trail is appreciated.

Main Compartment
The big victory in my book is no longer having a main compartment synced down with buckles and straps. Platypus eliminates that excess weight by leveraging weatherproof zippers and taped seams. A quick unzip of the pack top exposes a large main compartment with a ton of room to access and grab whatever piece of gear is needed. This design allows more light to flow inside the roomy interior - no more digging through a dark pack. Success!

Ventilated Shoulder Straps & Suspension
Anything created with breath-ability, that rests against a moving body, is praised. You nearly forget the lightweight shoulder straps are slung over your shoulders. The padded back support includes a support system that promotes air ventilation - keeping you cool and comfortable. Technically they call it a BioCurve back panel with an aluminum stay. I call it enjoyable.

A large open-top pocket runs the length of the pack and provides an easy place to stow a jacket, hat, or snack - things you'll want quickly without having to stop and unzip a pouch crammed with gear, risking losing something trail side. Two mesh pockets are situated on either side of the pack. The waist belt also features two easy-access zippered pockets, large enough for an iPhone, protein bar, or bear spray.

At 2lb. 13oz, the pack is fantastically light, particularly after proper adjustment of the the shoulder, waist and chest straps. Moderate loads are nearly forgotten on your back. Heavier loads are carried with relative ease. 

Plenty of lash points are available - whether you're gear closet contains trekking poles, an ice axe, helmet, or a camping axe - your gear will have a designated resting spot without bouncing around. Crafted from Weatherproof Diamond Ripstop Nylon.

See more details or purchase, here at Cascade Designs.

(Editor's Note: The good folks at Cascade Designs provided this item to Backwoods Plaid to review)


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Anonymous said...

My husband and I had no idea Playpus made a hiking pack. We have been looking for something to use day hiking in NY. Thanks RHON!

Trav said...

I like this brother. Good review.

Vanessa said...

That's a nice looking pack

Mike Jones said...
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CampingMaxx said...

This Sprinter series looks and sounds to be pretty sweet. And I gotta say the pricepoint seems pretty fair too. Thanks for posting Rhon, I'm gonna seek this one out.