March 21, 2013

Knife Review: Kershaw Scallion

I sometimes reflect on the day I was given my first knife. I was 12 and on a week-long vacation to Tennessee to visit family. Uncle Tom was a rancher with 100+ head of cattle and sprawling acres. Taking me under his wing for a week, he introduced me to the rolling fields, farm work and his love for the outdoors. He was a hard-working, take-no-shit, family man who could be easily admired. He had two collections: rifles and knives. I remember the evening he spread his knife collection across the kitchen table. Sipping on a Budweiser, he recounted the story of each knife - from the War to hunting trips. We must have sat there for over an hour. As he packed them back into his bag, he looked down at me, pulled out a sheathed fix blade and said, "Start your own collection with this one." And so I did...

Uncle Tom passed away a few years ago, but I still keep that knife on my shelf. Simple items can carry such great memories. I'm always looking for a gentlemen's knife that will perform for years and be passed down to my sons or nephews and instill the passion for the outdoors in them. Well, I'm adding another knife to that collection with Kershaw Scallion  It doesn't need to be an expensive blade to be collected, used and treasured. A quality-blade, clean design, good looks and functionality are what's important. You'll find it all in this pocket knife. I recently put it to the test in the field on a snowy afternoon and it performed flawlessly.

I define a "gentlemen's knife" as one that can be sported wearing a suit jacket or a pair of hiking shorts. If you're looking for a fine blade that you will one day pass down - look no further. The Scallion fits smoothly in the palm of your hand. Opening by either the thumbtack or the SpeedSafe assisted opening flipper on the top side. The 2 1/4" blade opens with lightning speed and has an optional frame lock. Locking open, the knife provides an extra level of safety while performing cuts.  Aesthetically, it's a 10 and the pocket clip hugs secure to any fabric thickness - down to the nylon pocket of your suit jacket. It's a keeper; get one here.


Jake F said...

Did you Uncle Tom live in a cabin?

Jacob said...

Glad you shared this. No better way to get a love for outside than being infused at young age.


Rhon Bell said...


Haha - close, a small ranch style.

Rhon Bell said...

Agree! Can't beat it.