March 4, 2013

Filson Guest Post: Ultimate Connection to Nature

Staring into the glow of his iPhone, Steve raised his voice slightly above the AC/DC blaring on the classic rock station to inform me, “The snow forecast for day two is 8-10 inches”. Approaching the camp road, I feared that tomorrow might be our only good day of fishing. It’s my experience that fish feed heavily going into a winter storm. “We’ll be fine”, I muttered and turned off the truck... 

 Please read the remainder of my Filson Life story, click the image below:


Zachary Thibodeau said...

You wear that plaid well, sir. Looks like a fine trip. Nicely written.

Rhon Bell said...


Thank you. It always wears good. Take care.


Jake Carlson said...

Job well done on the article, Rhon. Digging the new banner photo/logo!

Rhon Bell said...


Glad you enjoyed the article. I wish I could put that much time into all my stories.