March 12, 2013

Closing of Winter

Winter is slowly closing its door. Should you listen closely, the faint creaks are heard from the hinges. A narrow opening is left in the season. Warmth is springing up and frozen lakes slowly turn to a muddled mess of ice and deep slush. As we slip a bow on ice fishing until next year, I am lucky to escape for one of the last trips this year.

An unexpected snowstorm blows in as we head into the woods; the kind of storm that equates to meeting more John Deere tractors than pickup trucks. The lack of traffic puts my soul at ease. Country music and open road puts a smile on my face. A few inches of snow flutter to the cold ground and stop before our destination is reached.

The ice here is still thick. We were able to drive North enough to take advantage of an area not hard hit by the warming trend - lucky. With traps in the water, we do what is expected - wait, adjust tactics, and wait. Here are a few photos from our afternoon.




randall said...

Did you catch anything?

I'm looking forward to your images of spring coming from the North woods.

Rhon Bell said...


I'm already getting my tent and boots ready! Keep watching.


penbayman said...

Nice crease in those fishin' slacks, mista'!

Rhon Bell said...

Pen bay,

Hahaha - l tell ya - I've worn these 30 times, hang em back up. She's a nice crease I say!