February 14, 2013

Kershaw Funxion EMT Knife Review

Kershaw is a unique company with differentiated design elements from the competitive market. I've incorporated a Kershaw into my survival kit and thought I'd highlight it today. The Funxion EMT is a multi-use blade with a gentlemen's approach - serving multiple functions with great looks (not necessary, but welcome). It's design makes it an ideal accompaniment for many outdoor situations. Let's take a quick look...

 The smooth-finished gunmetal accent adds a high quality detail to a sharp blade. A non-slip handle insert makes for exacting grip in less-than-ideal conditions - such as cold wet hand when ice fishing.
 I'm a fan of half-serrated blades. Materials otherwise tough for cutting are made easy. Gimping is a bit shallow on the top side of the blade, but well-formed and still easily-handled.

As mentioned, a gentlemen's blade. The finish does look nice when pocketed. Note that the deep-pocket clip can and will sit deeper.

A foldout carabineer serves dual-purposes. Easily attaching to gear, a sharp blade sits ready for use. However, the open and locked carabineer doubles as a safety lock, disabling deployment of the blade. Precisely what you want during carry. Otherwise you or gear can get injured.
 The thumbstud on Kershaw knives seems misplaced to me. I prefer the rear (ambidextrous) flipper. It's much faster and easier to use. With a simple finger flick, the blade blazes open before your eyes can process the action.

A light push on the black liner lock will unlock the blade and allow closure. This equates to reassurance during open blade use without fear of it folding onto your hand.

Let's focus on the glass-breaker tip. It's a small detail, but imagine coming across a car accident and needing to take the time to stop and think about how to extract the door-locked victim. Grab your Kershaw. With a $59 retail and endless uses, whether you're mending ice fishing traps or fixing a survival kit - you're covered.


Anonymous said...

You have quite the knife collection bro. I like how it opens.... Innovative. Thanks for posting can always use another good knife.


Anonymous said...

Kershaw makes a good knife , I keep one in rotation here in WV.

Greg Bouillier said...

The glass breaker would make useful in emergency. Knife looks strong.

Statgear coupons said...

It looks like this is a good blade to have. You mentioned that it is a gentleman's blade but I daresay that it would suit ladies as well. Whether you are outdoors often or just want to be prepared in a more controlled setting, it is a good tool to have.

I like the fact that it's nice and compact and fits so neatly into a pocket. I think that would definitely make it more attractive to people who want something that they can take with them everywhere.

farnandas said...

Nice post.

Max Martin said...

Very cool knife, thanks for posting about it. How do you sharpen your half-serrated knives? Could you use them on a bench stone like the DMT culinary bench stone? I know this isn't a culinary knife, but I'm just looking for your advice. Thanks!