February 7, 2013

Filson Tin Cloth Duffle

Backwoods Plaid has provided a great opportunity for me to connect with some amazing companies and historic brands; something I never could have imagined when all this began. I love the outdoors and desire the best from my gear. At times, quality comes with price, but without that price - you are often left with inferior products. Those are the ends to which Filson claims its tagline: "Might as Well Have the Best." Filson shouldn't need any introduction if you've been following along over the last year (if not, see here).

Today, I'm sharing the most utilized item I've purchased from Filson, and as a bonus, it's American made. The Tin Cloth Medium Duffle has paddled 20+ miles with me, it's flown hours in a bush plane, it's been kicked around in both snow and sand. It's shed evening downpours beside my tent and tested winds in the back of my pickup truck from one tip of Maine to the other (and Maine's a long state). Honestly, I'd buy another one.

Filson is known for their famous duffle bags and this isn't even one of the fancy models (although one would be nice). It's just a tough piece of gear that stands the test of time. The heavy brass zipper is seemingly snag proof. The leather zipper pull adds a touch of class to the ruggedness of the water-resistant Tin Cloth. The pockets on either end provide quick access to gear on-the-go. It's simply an ideal outdoorsman's bag that can be quickly wiped clean after each trip out in the woods.

You can find your own Tin Cloth Duffle here. Tell 'em you heard it here.


Anonymous said...

I see it served as something for Casco to lean against while enjoying his outing as well. Great looking bag!

Rhon Bell said...

Haha... Yes, Casco is a big Tin Cloth fan.


Cary Stevens said...

Filson bags are tough as nails!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shot with Casco

Rhon Bell said...


I agree so far! Great bags!