February 5, 2013

Farm Road

We set out for a ride. Heavy snow was piling down on the windshield and I shifted into four wheel drive.  Large flakes had been falling for hours and what better time for a drive. Conversations centered around the new year and what needed to be accomplished over the coming months.

 January marks the beginning of two important ventures, wedding planning and ice fishing. Relationships are strongly built on compromise. It's been the backbone of our relationship. And it's my job, as a man, to compromise the wedding planning to go ice fishing. That's not actually the full truth. We've made concessions. I agreed to do my fair share - as long as that "fair share" takes place within the four walls of my ice shack. Seems pretty fair, huh?

Let me help you visualize this. We divvy up duties no matter the trip. In summer, I setup the tent and build the fire while my other half fixes up the inside of the tent. Similarly, we split tasks on the ice. I toss the shack up and set the tip-ups, while she cranks the heater and unpacks.  With hands smelling of shiners, I sit down in my chair and enjoy a little wedding talk. In between my glances out the window, hopes of spotting a flag dissipate like the dollars from my wallet with every note we take.

I make a joke out of this, but it has been the highlight of my month. The weather on the other hand has been terrible. Snow is gone. Temperatures have been warm. The woods simply aren't picturesque. Coming posts will hopefully highlight a better February and photo-worthy trout. Here are some photos from the beginnings of 2013. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I start each morning by checking out your blog to see what new adventure you'll take me on. Love the pictures - great job as usual.

Rhon Bell said...

Thank you. It's been a slow winter here thus far, but many great trips to come.


Tony M. said...

Beautiful farmland up there in Maine. What kind of snowfall are you guys having? Looks nice.