February 26, 2013

Bald Eagle

I'll uncommonly begin by stating that I own a copyright on each of the below photographs. If you're interested in purchasing one (without a BWP watermark) e-mail me at rhonbell@gmail.com.

Few things embody the quintessential American spirit like a Bald Eagle. Most folks haven't had the rare opportunity to be up close and personal with the iconic bird in the wild. In fact, I've had very few myself. It's a moment worth one-thousand words and, in my case, 350 photos. With full realization the Bald Eagle needs little introduction, I'll skip the descriptive portion where I deem them resilient, powerful and beautiful creatures.

We counted our catch as we tossed around the idea of heading home. Cumulatively, we had 11 perch in the bucket. The hour was 10AM. We'd woken and arrived way too early. The coffee dried up hours ago, along with my energy. Luckily, we had found a few schools of white perch and chased flags all morning. One thing was different about this morning; we had a unique visitor. For 90 minutes we held the attention of a Bald Eagle as he sat comfortably and eyed our future fillets from 20 yards.  Taking to the air occasionally, he'd choose a new landing spot as if it would convince us to offer a free meal. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was legal - so we withheld. We all left feeling lucky to have sat in such good company. Enjoy the below photos and feel free to share this post with friends!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome!! You definitely got more to that adventure than you thought you would. GREAT job!!

Rhon Bell said...

Absolutely! They are so neat to watch. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Rhon, this is awesome!

Tyler said...

These photos belong in Nat'l Geographic dude. Detail is incredible.