January 14, 2013

Wolverine 1000 Mile: 30 Days In

I recently posted product shots of my new 1000 Mile boots that Wolverine sent out. 

During 30 days of daily use, the boots have molded perfectly to my foot shape. Taking on a very custom feel, they always remain comfortable even when standing for long periods (and I have a bad back). More than anything, the 1000 Mile's look amazing. I've kept them shined, but they naturally have a deep luster that simply draw the eye. I can't begin to count the number of questions and comments I've received in and out of the office.

To celebrate one month of wear (not so much tear) I asked Laura, of Forefront Fashion (Maine's most well-known street-style blog), to step out into Portland with me and take a few photos. We took a walk around a snow-covered route, overlooking the heart of downtown, and got caught up on the latest. The below Polaroid framed shots are hers. I simply added a vintage filter and frame. 

Scroll down for a behind-the-scenes look on steps to care for these and other quality leather boots.

I've been taught 3 steps to care for boots. Additional tips or suggestions? Please leave a comment.

  1. After each wear, wipe off dust/dirt/grime with a soft cloth, buffing slightly.
  2. Regular conditioning using a leather lotion is important to protecting the leather and preventing cracking. I use my fingers and rub in thoroughly, wait and wipe off excess.
  3. An occasional mink oil treatment to the soles and stitching will maintain water-resistance. 

Wolverine supplies an excellent cloth to do the dirty work. A brush will remove any stuck on grime.

The Horween Chromexcel leather forms great wear characteristics the more miles you put on them.

Tough, breathable, hand-stitched and American made.

Ready for an outdoor adventure!

Lace up your new pair of Wolverine boots here, and explore.


Chris said...

These look great. I'm in the market for a new pair of all leather shoes. These are a pair to consider.

Bean Man said...

I've seen these in a few shops. I'll try em out so Thanks for the tip.

Rhon Bell said...


Definitely a solid choice. I think once your eye catches a pair of these, you'll be leaving the store with them. Thanks for the comment.

Rhon Bell said...

Bean Man,

No problem dude. Thanks for checking in.


sweet harvest moon said...

Love them!

Rhon Bell said...


You need a pair ;) - thank you

Anonymous said...

You got good style. Guys from Maine know what's up.

Rhon Bell said...

I do what I can. Most Maine boys have a good tough style.

Rex Reyes said...

The leather shoes are amazing. I used to wear these kinds during prom. I don't what's into me but they just fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable.