January 24, 2013

CRKT Free Range Hunter

From my last post on CRKT you remember I'm a fan of their American designed knives so I wanted to share with you a review on the CRKT Free Range Hunter. Whether you hunt or not, don't let that sway your decision. This is a man's knife. Holding a 4.25" clip point blade on a fixed blade handle makes you feel a little bit tougher. Folding pocket knives are great, but there is something reassuring about gripping a fixed blade that you know cannot collapse on your fingers while at task. I recently gave it some exhaustive use on the trails (sharpening branches for roasting hotdogs, chiseling through thick river ice, and the simple task after of slicing through a block of cheese and she performed flawlessly on all counts).

It makes sense that this knife was custom made by an Alaskan Hunting and Fishing Guide, because it's a one-stop-shop for any tough outdoor task. The Free Range Hunter comes with a well-crafted sheath and with a textured handle that when combined with finger grooves provides an ultimately unheard-of grip. My only complaint lands with initial sharpness. My standard test involves shaving a couple arm hairs. This knife needed a little work on the leather strop, but that's no problem. She seems to hold a good edge after the fact.

See the photos below from the trail and check out additional stats at the CRKT Website.


Anonymous said...

Sick knife. I want one!!!

Tyler said...

I love my CRKT folding knife. The blade on this model looks strong.

penbayman said...

That's a wicked fine looking blade!

Rhon Bell said...

Would be a great choice.

This knife is definitely going to hold up to your needs.

Agreed 10 fold. What are you carrying these days in the field??

Kyle Miller said...

Damn! Down to the sheath thats a Serious hunting knife!

Rhon Bell said...


Yessir. It's tough as nails, too.


Gilvert Allein said...

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