January 31, 2013

9 Ways to Winter Warmth

  1. L.L. Bean Signature 1933 Chamois Shirt (One of my favorite shirts. Believably the softest material made by man; a modern Signature cut is a pleasant update from the original)
  2. Filson Clip Suspenders (Suspenders are classic and rugged. Filson has made these since the beginning of time, or so it seems. If you own an axe, you need suspenders. I need suspenders.)
  3. SOG Tomahawk (No part of throwing a tomahawk is sissy. A matter of fact, I believe it makes you more of a man. Backyard or backcountry, you need to tote this and learn to toss like a pro.)
  4. Filson Whipcord Pants (Warm in the field and even looks great on Sunday mornings. How can you go wrong with an American made pair of wool pants so versatile and handsome. You can't.)
  5. Best Made Co. Elkskin Chopper Mitts (Every outdoorsman needs a great pair o' mitts. These are "a bit" on the pricey side, but Best Made Co. only ends to stock quality made products.)
  6. Filson Wool Large Duffle (Filson dominates the duffle bag market. This new wool & bridle leather combination is a classic look that makes for an ideal made in USA carry-all.)
  7. L.L. Bean Shearling Boots (Timeless Bean boot style withstands everything. Lined for ultimate warmth & winter satisfaction. Winter just got easier. Red soles mark the 100th Anniversary.)
  8. L.L. Bean Wool-blend Socks (OK, so you own the boots. Chances are you've never worn the socks. Biggest mistake of your life. Well, other than stumbling into a hungry brown bear.)
  9. SOG Darkenergy 247a Flashlight (Every man needs a great flashlight. Something tough. Something bright. Something that will last a lifetime. Cross that off your list. This is the one.)


penbayman said...

Looks like you've got it covered..Ready for The Knife's Edge?

Rhon Bell said...


Don't know as if I'd go up in Bean Boots, but yes sir. When we goin!!


Jack H said...

9 ways to winter warmth? Is the Filson duffle to climb into like Luke Skywalker and his Tonton? And the Tomahawk? Warmth? Huh? I guess I could shine the flashlight on my hands to warm up...Oh wait..LED...

James Franklin said...

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