December 4, 2012

The Backwoods Plaid Wish List

Last week I shared a Gift Guide of items personally tested and proven. This week I share items that are on my personal wish list. This is gear that I have researched and/or find fascinating. Pretty sure all of the below would enhance your and my outdoor experiences.

  1. Remaining warm and staying dry is key while in the wild. The lightweight MSR Zing covers your gear and friends for multi-day adventures.
  2. Winter weather brings cold chills. Stop cold chills with the legendary Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. 24oz. wool and 110+ 5-star reviews speak for themselves.
  3. Blog-inspiration can spark on any adventure. Be prepared to draft future blog posts with Field Notes.
  4. Kickin' through slush while celebrating 100 years of the famed Maine company is ideal. Besides - I don't have a pair of tan L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoes and should.
  5. I'm planning my first home purchase and a reliable wood stove will be my best friend. The Gransfors Bruks Splitting Axe sets the historic standard.
  6. Fresh black coffee while ice fishing is a dream. The Coleman Propane Stainless Steel Carafe brews on-the-go in the convenience of your own ice shanty. 
  7. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'd love to wear my passion on my chest. The Best Made Co. Campfire Lapel Pin signifies outdoor passion.
  8. Slide under a Pendleton Wool Blanket as the snow envelopes your front yard. Guaranteed to warm. 
  9. 500 lumens is enough to light up the landscape (or blind an attacker) on your hikes and adventures this winter. The Surefire P2X Fury is what big boys dream of.


Anonymous said...


Maclearn said...

Worn the Mackinaw for 8 years and would never trade it

Tony Shaw said...

be a great way to man up the camp. looking for a wool jacket actually. thanks.

jon said...

I just picked up this axe for myself. I'd heard so much about it I had to.

pdx503 said...

Nice list, though the link to the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser directs to the Zing

Rhon Bell said...


Thanks for the note. I've adjusted the link. Glad you liked it.