December 6, 2012

Island Vacation

The ferry slid into dock slightly before the sun broke through the afternoon sky. The next few days would prove relaxing as we explore a Maine island paradise in search of nothing greater than crashing waves and evening strolls along a sandy shore. The quaintness of the island community refreshes the soul and provides a break from the hustle of Portland life. Road traffic simply equates to a few bicycles, rusted Volvo station wagons, and golf carts. Artistry appears to dot the landscape on every corner; lobster mailboxes and cairns of smooth ocean stones separate this peaceful place from any other. The folks smile and welcome you. Here are a few photos from our journey.


randall said...

How I wish it were Summer again. Winter can suck it.

Rhon Bell said...

Haha - I actually don't mind winter. Been the only time I find the chance to fish!