December 22, 2012

Cabin Wedding

Plentiful snowfall and blistering winds have driven me today to the rocking chair next to the wood stove. Admiring the golden flames as they shoot up around the logs have me both warm and reminiscing on one of the greatest moments in 2012. A friend and fan of Backwoods Plaid invited me to capture one of the most memorable days of her life, her wedding. I refused, twice. I don't consider myself a real "photographer". I consider what I do a hobby, although I do have photos I'm proud of. She insisted that she "liked my eye for photography" - I gave in (after offering one last time that she find a professional).

Arriving one late-fall afternoon to an amazing set of private riverside cabins and seeing hundreds of wedding party, friends and family shook my nerves. The idea suddenly struck that there were no second chances. After the first few snaps of the camera, those thoughts lifted like the fog that lay over the river. Here are a few photos that came from a great weekend, great reception and two great friends.


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WOW! Great stuff, Rhon!

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