November 5, 2012

Maine Moose

The idea of flight itself or becoming a pilot are exciting. A new hardcore sense of freedom is established. Your choice of rugged destinations lay in wait. Earth is seen from an entirely new angle. Adventures can each be fully customized; you choose the travel times to suit your mission. Taking to the air is an addicting experience – and it was only my first time (as I wrote about in my Filson Guest Blog Post this week). Below are additional Day One photos and highlights you may find interesting. We end our adventure by camping on a remote lake. Look for this in a coming post. For now, let me know what you think.

Tight corners while I soak in the colored canopy far below.

The controls as we taxi across our first lake.

Stepping out with our waders for fresh air. Air never smelled so good.

Keith does a few fly-overs so I can snag photos for his website.

Maine's remote lakes are picturesque, warm, and inviting from the air.

Bright closeup & Brilliant colors.

The Cessna that Keith restored completely by hand looks good with the fall backdrop.

With a majority of flight hours in Alaska and Maine, he's got stories to tell.

Hugging the treeline.

Lake landings.

We hit C-Pond at it's utmost peak season for leaves changing.

Highlight of the day. Spotting this bull moose from the sky, we coast in and land at a safe distance. I've seen hundreds of moose in my day, but never while standing on floats of a plane. This monster feasted on vegetation for twenty minutes as though he had no company.

"Spotting a moose of this size is all in a day's work.", Keith says.

Never have I seen such a picturesque landscape through a windshield.


randall said...

That's rad. I've always loved sea planes.

Rhon Bell said...


It's one of those things that makes you want to go pay the cash to get a pilots license. Definitely looking forward to getting out again.


Brian Marshall said...

Great Stuff! Love the site Rhon...

Rhon Bell said...

Brian, Found your site earlier and really like the imagery so added you to my blog roll. Glad you like BWP. Spread the word man!