November 27, 2012

Carhartt Ketchikan Review

Frosted early morning windows and the bite of 15 degree sunup's indicate a true changing of seasons. This year we're a bit late bringing our kayaks home from camp, but better late than never. The task at hand provides a perfect opportunity to test out the Ketchikan Jacket that Carhartt recently sent out for review. Zipping up the full-length zipper and fastening the storm-flap buttons, I step outside prepared to take care of the morning chore. 

Temperatures are well below freezing and all of the world is covered in frosty white. There are three attributes to the Ketchikan that I love. First off, this piece of outerwear keeps me toasty and very comfortable, or else this review wouldn't be posted. The "two-part" sleeves have thick elasticated interior cuffs, hidden within the sleeves, which shield your arms from any form of blowing snow or wind that would be allowed by other jackets with velcro closures. I've never had this option with any other jacket or coat before and I love it. The hood is as heavy-weight as the jacket and fully protects, providing ample warmth for a full-range of outdoor activities. Lastly, the cut is fantastic. Instead of being "boxy" or a plain "square cut" there seems to be real contour at every angle for a roomy fit that still maintains your body heat - exactly what you need on a cold Maine morning. Next time remind me to bring my gloves along...

Click to check out the Carhartt Ketchikan Jacket - a Backwoods Plaid favorite.

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