October 8, 2012

Review: SOG Trident Knife

So, you spend time outdoors and would love carrying a knife that is Made in the USA? I want to share what I've been carrying this summer. After months of hard use - I can honestly recommend this pocket knife for more than a handful of reasons. Read the review below -OR- simply take my word for it, skip this post and buy a Trident on the SOG website.

Four basic criteria for this new knife were:
  • Easily concealable for EDC (Everyday Carry)
  • Patterned handle for ease of use in a variety of outdoor conditions
  • Assisted opening so a one-handed thumb flick could deploy the blade when working
  • Made in USA 
The thumb tack (used for opening) is ideally sized. Not too small; like on other knives. The gimping (blunt blade edge pattern for pressing down) cradles your thumb well while cutting. The deployment is wicked fast on the Trident. A few friends thought it was an automatic opening knife (illegal in some states FYI). With one quick twitch of the thumb this blade flies open. For nervous souls out there - an optional safety button is incorporated. Sharpness is prevalent on arrival - able to shave the hair from your arm. I've used it roughly this summer and it's maintained itself quite well. It's a good-sized knife that will fill a closed hand and is well-built and strong. Bottom line is the knife looks pretty nasty! Lastly, the pocket clip allows it completely falls below the pocket line.. I don't necessarily need people knowing what I'm carrying all the time... Check it out for yourself here.



Anonymous said...

hows the line cutter work...functional or aesthetic?

Rhon Bell said...


I think it works well with fishing line or para cord. I've seen reviews where they hated on the cutter, but its the actual blade of the knife that's doing the cutting! Take care.


Dan C (CA) said...

I've carried two SOG knives and both lasted years.

Rhon Bell said...


A few of my friends can share similar stories. I look forward to lasting use on this blade.


Zach said...

Great looking knife. Make a great Christmas present.

Chris said...

I've owned a SOG Trident for a couple of years now and it has served me well. The blade holds an edge very well, and YES "The Groove" is pretty cool for cutting fishing line. For the price, I think it is a very good buy.