October 13, 2012

L.L. Bean Car Camping

L.L. Bean is famous for sparking a fire in the soul of outdoorsmen. Whether the fire be of fishing, hunting or camping - the company is known for a notorious love of the outdoors. This week they bring an entirely new meaning to the term "car camping". Along with Oscar Meyer, Peeps and Lindt, the marketing-mobiles gather for true adventure.

In an unprecedented Art Car Campout, folks could gather today at the L.L. Bean campus to snap photos, meet the respective drivers, and pickup tons of freebies. A cool breeze was no match for the free hotdog roast and fresh apple cider. If you weren't able to make it today, be sure to catch this sight heading South on I95 in the coming days.

(Photo courtesy of the L.L. Bean twitter handle - @LLBean)


S. T. said...

Took the family to get their photos with the weinermobile and boot. Kids had a blast.

John Henry Goico said...

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Asifur Rahman said...


Unknown said...

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