October 18, 2012

Fall at the Cabin

Fall is in the air. Whether in the comfort of your cabin or the warmth of your home - here are a few great ways to enjoy the season. Below are a few investments ranging from $8 - $225 that will make the colder season all that much better! Cheers...

  1. Fall colors dance around your favorite reading nook with Airwick's Color Changing Candle. Not relaxing enough? The smell of cinnamon apple is second only to the baking of warm apple pie.
  2. Seasonally low temperatures are met with warmth with Filson's Mackinaw Blanket. Curling up with Filson's virgin wool is softer than the warmest fleece. 
  3. The year was 1942 and WWII was raging when Louise Dickinson Rich wrote her classic We Took to the Woods. This enjoyable read of a couple who finds livelihood in the Maine woods will warm your heart and appeal to your sense of adventure.
  4. Best Made's 64 oz. of New England maple syrup will add a certain brightness to your Saturday mornings. Pancakes have never tasted better.
  5. Walking to the mailbox or staring at falling snow flakes from the picture window - you're feet need the L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers
  6. Lugging firewood indoors has never been so toasty. Try on this Stormy Kromer Wool Cap. Made in Michigan since 1903.


Jimmy said...

Love Best Made, But would never buy Maple Syrup from them. Just overpriced Syrup in a fancy jar

Rhon Bell said...

Jimmy, Maple syrup is expensive anywhere in New England. I agree that I would rather support the farms directly. The hat is cool though!


Jimmy said...

I guess here in NY state it is a bit less expensive. But ya i got my eye on the Filson Double Mack Cap.