October 31, 2012

Appalachian Mountain Club

    Photo credit: Rob Burbank/AMC - "Little Lyford Pond"

"The state of Maine contains 97 percent of all the wild or native brook trout ponds remaining in the entire country, and has been designated as the last true stronghold for wild brook trout in the eastern U.S.", reads a  joint statement by Trout Unlimited and the Appalachian Mountain Club. Mainers proudly smile after reading this. Not only a true testament to our waters, but a tourism attraction for our state.

Rob Burbank, Director of Media, at the AMC contacted me to discuss their enhancement efforts in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. The nation’s oldest conservation and recreation organization is making strides to enhance brook trout fisheries while protecting it for future generations. 2012 endeavors included restoring natural water flows by removing culverts as well as improving access to distant ponds. Anglers can currently choose from over two dozen back country ponds on 66,500 acres of AMC land. That is worthy of a Backwoods Plaid mention.

Consider tossing a line in Maine on your next outing. Whether seeking salmon, native brook trout, or lake trout – you’ll find a small slice of heaven here. Not sure where to stay? The club also operates Maine Wilderness Lodges, year-round lodging destinations in the thick of the woods where the nearest fishing hole is simply a cast away.

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Cameron Mellor said...

Jut make sure that when you tour you've secured everything, for your own safety. Especially if you'll going to use a boat or to hike the mountain just to avoid any injuries.

Keira Sykes said...

Spending a vacation in this kind of place is such a joy. The feel of the woods and riding that kind of boat is a wonderful experience. Everyone should try this one out.