September 5, 2012

Hide-a-way Cove

A rising drawbridge reveals one of the most scenic fishing villages in all of Maine. What I call 'Hide-a-way Cove' is labeled as Perkins Cove on the map. This is one of the last quaint towns to have an active drawbridge in the state. Each lobster boat seeks shelter and safety within the confines of the tiny harbor. Streets are lined with small shops, take-out eateries and lobstering tour-boats.

We enjoy the best french toast imaginable complete with a topping of Maine-made maple syrup at a small restaurant on the outskirts of town. Slowly making our way towards the ocean, we enjoy the sights and sounds of a summer's morning. Finding a vacant bench, time is well-spent watching the comings and goings of the waterway. A truly relaxing vacation from the woods.

Boats & Homes

The tide faces all boats forward

Lobstering accessories

Lobster rolls

A dockside dinghy gathering

Summer reflections


Live Lobster

Bright buoys

Boats & Paddles

Birds & Birdhouses

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