July 15, 2012

Siren of Loons

The siren of loons echoes across the lake. Responding to one another's calls, their song rings out across the otherwise silenced woods. Leaves on the trees above are still in this late evening air. I sit and watch the fire dance up from above the freshly split logs. The wood is a bit damp, so we lean them again the fire ring. The brilliant blues meld into the bright yellows and finally turn orange as what looks to be tails of fire whip about in unpredictable directions

Cracking a fresh beverage from the cooler next to me, I recline in my camp chair. Gathering kindling takes a lot out of a man, as does the weekly grind. This is an escape. Tossing my bare feet up on the ring of rocks that make up the fireplace - I breathe easy. The stresses of life melt away like plastic into the burning flames. Not much in life is as calming as focusing on the plume of smoke rise above a hot fire. The constant crackling of the wood entertains the mind. These times offer up an opportunity to explore thoughts and concentrate on what's important in life.

The next morning, we wake rested. The trees rustle above our mesh room. Bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast - again we spark another fire. Luckily red embers still remain from the blaze of last evening. The sun is already beaming down - today will be scorcher. Afternoon hours are spent on the lake. We swim and lay out in the sun after draining energy from Casco - via his tennis ball. If you know labs like I do - we'll have to do it all again tomorrow.

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Norma said...

Love it!!! I can smell the fresh air and the bacon cooking in the pan. Spent a few days around a campfire. Loved every minute of it. Nothing better.

One of your Northern Maine Aunts.

Rhon Bell said...


Glad you are enjoying what you see and read. Thanks.


Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Where were you camping . . . didn't see a reference to the area or lake? What is up with the turkey decoy on the stump? LOL!

Rhon Bell said...


Aziscohos in Rangeley. I have no clue what the decoy was doing there, but my GF ran back to camp telling me a "vulcher" was by the water.. haha.. close, but no cigar!


Romilda Gareth said...