July 18, 2012

Review: Carhartt Grayling Jacket

Few products are tough enough to face all that weather can throw at you while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. Whether on the job or on a backwoods trail - you need one and it doesn't hurt to have the other. Insert the new Carhartt Grayling Jacket. A 4.5 ounce nylon shell shields you from the summer rain while keeping you surprisingly cool. The polyester mesh lining allows your body to breathe while the cut of the jacket allows you to move freely.

I've been testing The Grayling through a couple weeks of strange Maine weather. One minute it's 85 degrees with sun and five minutes later storm clouds roll in and the sky opens up with rain. I've kept this jacket in my daily bag and have been happy to have it handy. As they say up here: "If you don't like the weather - wait a minute!".

Purchasing a jacket is a big investment so here are further details: 
  • Fully taped waterproof seams
  • Duradry waterproof breathable membrane
  • Detachable snap-on hood
  • Zipper with storm flap
  • Plenty of ventilated pockets 

If you're looking for a comfortable jacket that will carry you into late fall/early winter - pick up the Carhartt Grayling Jacket. Hesitant? I'm proud to have this one hanging by the door. Don't take my word for it, trust the brand that's been in business since 1889.


Nigel said...

Good review Rhon. I have a wardrobe full of Carhartt gear, all first class and well made. Another item to add to my must buy list. It's getting a bit long now LOL.

Alex said...

Doesn't look like you even got wet when it started to rain.

Rhon Bell said...

Nigel, I'm just beginning to build my interest in the brand. So far everything I've tried is great. More to come. Keep your eyes peeled!


Rhon Bell said...


It was raining pretty decent outside. The water rolled off the exterior like rain on a duck.

Rebecca582 said...

I want this rainy jacket because rain season is come after 1 month.

PU Jackets said...

Love this! I have one leather jacket but this SO beats it! Beautiful!