July 20, 2012

Good Morning

Here's to another great weekend! I want to leave you with a photograph I woke early yesterday to capture. Rising at 3:30, I washed up quickly and headed out the door. It's infrequent you find low tide and sunrise within the same hour. Checking the tide charts weeks ago, I decided today would be the day and it was worth it. This is being added to the collection of my favorites. The sun rose over Portland Headlight in Portland, Maine at 6:15AM. The brilliant orange sun put on a show of colors throughout the sky. Truly a great moment to enjoy and a great start to the day. You can purchase the photo here.

Get outside and enjoy your weekend!


Ted said...

I've seen a lot of photos from PHL and this beats all.

Rhon Bell said...

Ted -

It's probably one of my favorite photos I've had the chance to capture thus far.