July 1, 2012

Glowing Tent

The decision was made weeks ago to venture out on a remote camping trip. Procrastination set in when it came down to location choice. Balancing travel distance with the amount of serenity offered, we chose scenic Rangeley, Maine. A three hour haul into the backwoods of Western Maine landed us in one of the most secluded locations East of the Mississippi. Summer had already lowered her evening vail before arriving at “Wilderness Campsite #11”. Although the darkness limited our ability to take in all the beauty of the land, the stillness of our surroundings was felt. We soaked in the innate tranquility. By 10PM, our tent was up and the fire roaring.

The Rangeley Lake Region has a colorful history and is reminder of a bygone era. Admittedly, I’m a fan of the way things “used to be” and a lover of Maine history. You had to be tough to live out here. Hell, you still do. The wild rivers of Maine moved the product of these woods to mills creating the lumber to build New York and Boston. Remnants still remains from logging camps that dotted the landscape

Sporting camps were the second driver of traffic to this far-flung location. Crystal clear waters produced trophy trout and salmon fishing. Businessmen journeyed into these camps and under the instruction of guides, attempted to land a prize of their own. Many of the most historic lodges and cabins still stand on the harmonious lake shores. And although heavily protected today, the fishing is still world-class.

Golden hues filter above the mountains. The inconsiderate sun does not wait for us to arrive at camp.

The site of our camping trip will be the very far end of Lake Mooselookmeguntic. When one thinks he/she has already reached the middle of nowhere - you'll drive 10 more miles down narrow dirt roads.

Aforementioned dirt roads illuminated by the high beams.

Here is what I've sought. Relaxation, a cold beverage, and the sounds of Mother Nature. I can't wait to explore my surroundings after a good night of rest.

A friend we found crawling on the firewood.

Headlamps are a necessity when setting up camp on nights like tonight. Also, a helpful tool when reading inside your sleeping bag.

My glowing tent stands out this brightly. I can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow holds.


Nigel said...

Maine looks such a beautiful place. I've always enjoyed spending time in the woods here in England but it's a completely different scale in Maine and you get wilderness campsites. Nothing like it over here. Good work as ever Rhon.

Anonymous said...

The last photo of your tent is amazing.

-Sarh & Ben

Rachel Ellis said...

I imagine this to be a beautiful location to camp! The lake is gorgeous.

Rhon Bell said...

Nigel, Sarah, Ben and Rachel,

Appreciate the kinds words. Maine is a great spot and Rangeley is a perfect spot to enjoy life the way it was meant to be.