July 12, 2012

The Lobsterman

Downing the last few bites of french toast and sausage at Maine's #1 rated breakfast joint, The Egg & I, we drove down Route 1 a bit further to Perkins Cove. As the Jeep slid into park, a lobsterman was paddling his dinghy towards the dock. I grabbed my Canon T3 and met him at the water's edge. After introductions, conversation revolved to the fishing industry. With fuel and bait nearing market highs and the abundance of lobsters in the market -  he explained how fishermen are being forced to accept prices for Maine's famous edible that are well below cost. What he predicted last week has come true. Many "Downeast" fishermen have tied up their vessels and are refusing to leave port until the gluten of inventory is sold and retailers decide to pay higher prices.

Reflections of a small lobster boat moored near a manicured lawn.

Nathan rowing his dinghy to shore.

I probably shouldn't be parked here.

The pots appear full, except for the lone pot in the front. It has been a successful trip.

The banded claws and dark red bodies fill the pots.

Tying up his dinghy below, Nathan draws the pots to the wharf. He's a true Mainer.

The overhead gizmo allows the pots to be raised and lowered into the back of his Ford.

As the pots are covered with a tarp, Nate hops down and hands me a business card. The offer is for a free trip off the coast of Maine any time I'd like to see first-hand action. I think I'll be giving him a call....

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Tasha said...

Unique look into Maine and I'm looking forward to our visit this fall.


randall said...

Maine Lobster was 3.99/# down by me in NY. Not worth leaving at those prices for sure.

Photographer in Ocean County said...

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