July 30, 2012

Carhartt Acadia Jacket

Two. The number of days it rained on a recent kayak trip (soon to be posted).

Eighty degrees. The average daily temperature of the adventure.

When you are paddling miles a day, gathering and splitting firewood, and setting up camp in warm weather - you need a jacket to match the conditions. You need a waterproof jacket crafted from a ripstop nylon shell. There is also only so much space inside a pack; requiring you to carry the best and lightest gear possible. All of this is why I felt confident packing the Carhartt Acadia Jacket. What I'd call a feather weight jacket provided protection from the relentless rain and Northwest winds blowing across the lakes. Afternoons were equally as comfortable as the cool evenings.

I'm almost convinced that Carhartt provides a jacket for nearly every situation. This one may just cover multiple conditions all-in-one. Check out the color options over at Carhartt.

From the Carhartt Facebook Page

Thanks to the good folks at Carhartt for supplying items needed to remain comfortable this summer.


Shawn said...

Not looking for a jacket at the moment, but will check out Carhartt this fall. Thanks.

Rhon Bell said...


Thanks. I like it a lot. Carhartt has been kind enough to outfit me with a few selections for the year. Very king of 'em. I would suggest a few of their jackets. Shoot me an email if need be.