June 20, 2012

Afternoon Casts

It wasn't many afternoons ago I found time to throw a fishing line into the river. Afternoon temperatures hovered above 80 so I cut loose from work early to test a new fishing spot. Heavy fog had set in before I arrived at my destination. I wandered about a few paths, taking photos, on the long way to the river. A large rock alongside the riverbed made for an ideal and comfortable seat to toss a few casts. 

I had dug worms from the backyard and placed them into an old Tupperware dish. Each worm drew several bites. Actually, they were more like nibbles. My few worms disappeared, one piece at a time, into the dark depth of the river. I tried casting to several locations with varying depths and potential 'hiding spots' for trout. All had the same result. I hope for better luck next time. Any day on a river is a good day. Get outside and enjoy!

My Fishing Adventures:


ANH Style said...

Love the fog in these photos- beautiful!

Rhon Bell said...


Fog makes almost any ordinary landscape very unique. Thanks- Stay stylish out there in the Dallas streets... haha