June 12, 2012

1 Year of Backwoods Plaid

Backwoods Plaid recently celebrated it's 1st year anniversary. As we approach nearly 100,000 views, I'd like to thank all of those who have bookmarked the blog and checked in weekly. I appreciate all of your e-mails, tweets, and blog comments. If not for the interaction and feedback, I wouldn't have nearly as much motivation to bring my camera along on adventures or sit down to write and upload photos for hours each week.

I look forward to a second great year of exploring new destinations, reviewing innovative outdoor products, and taking in as much mother nature as one man can handle. Below is a selection of fond memories made throughout 2011. Thanks again, all!


Fly-fishing trips and multi-day canoe trips.

Weekend get-a-ways with views of entrancing ocean overlooks.

Exploring Maine's beaches.

Hikes throughout the vast and splendid woods of New England.

Early morning adventures and coastal explorations.

Ice fishing trips and warm cabin fires.

Holidays spent with family and the serenity of the woods.

Who can forget that the best seafood in the world is just beyond our doorstep.


randall said...

Well. Congrats, man. I'm looking forward to another year.

Nigel said...

I only recently discovered your blog, love it. I read it from start to present and I check every day for updates. Keep up the good work.

Nigel said...
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Rhon Bell said...

Randall, I definitely appreciate it. I'll surely try to bring new material and points of view.

Rhon Bell said...


You're the man. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you found my blog and continue to read. Hopefully you share with others who might find interest.