May 10, 2012

Woolrich History

"A Purposeful Originator" is the conotation I received about Woolrich while talking with Brent, Vice President of Marketing. He descriptively led me through company history. Like most businesses - the timeline is fantastically interesting and original products stemmed from customer suggestions.

Woolrich is the original equipper of adventurers, miners, loggers and those whose explorative nature built our great country. In 1830, John Woolrich began selling threads to outdoorsmen on the back of his cart. These men soon requested that Mr. Woolrich sew the shirts to spare their wives the work. Requests followed to include a game pocket in the rear of shirts to hold small game they might kill during the workday. Upgrades soon included rubberizing the game pocket for obvious reasons, and camo patterns to conceal themselves along the trails. The end product was dubbed the "Pennsylvania Tuxedo".

Since inception, they've remained focused on creating useful, purposeful outdoor products. The only company still in existence that supplied wool blankets to civil war soldiers, Woolrich is steeped in history, ruggedness, and Americana.

While on the phone, I asked the V.P. what his favorite Woolrich item was. He offered up two new favorites. Both the Declination Hoodie and the Cross Country Shirt. Both excellent items that I've taken his advice and tried out.

Read more on Woolrich history in your spare time with this book - enjoyed ideally fireside.

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Tim said...

Pretty cool story behind an icon.

Rhon Bell said...

Tim, It is a damn good story. Buy the book.

Anonymous said...

My father wore Woolrich shirts til the day he died. Still boxed in the attic actually.