May 31, 2012

Vans and Hammocks

I snagged a few more photos before leaving New Hampshire on my latest camping trip. From spotting VW vans to hammock napping, I took in the beauty of the outdoor lifestyle.

One stop shop. This guy, Dan, had everything he needed in this roving exploration machine. It reminds me of Foster from A Restless Transplant - one of my favorite blogs.

Blue skies in the country. Quiet.

An original covered bridge that served for transporting goods. The roof kept elements from rotting the wooden base. These are true gems of New England history.

Campground and clouds.

Ripples over rocks create the ultimate in white noise.

An ENO Hamock is the most comfortable seat I've found in the outdoors.

Bark and branches.

A good read.

Afternoon napping in what feels like a parachute. 

Fireside warmth and comfort.


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Anonymous said...

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