May 1, 2012

Over Night Tenting

Saturday lunch plans make it tough to spend a full weekend in the woods. Pulling back into my driveway later than expected, I pack a few overnight essentials into my hiking bag and head outdoors. A large plot of woods sit directly behind our country apartment and I know there is a stream I've hiked to once before in the daylight. A headlamp will be required tonight. After a one mile trek, I find a comfortable spot within a rock's throw of the water and begin to assemble my tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Precipitation isn't in the forecast so I've left my rain-fly at home. Setting up camp and gathering firewood  under the blackness of night makes for a true feeling of adventure. Once the fire develops some red embers, it'll be beans and sausage for dinner.

I leave my camera be until morning when I can grab a few photos in the daylight.

The MSR Hubba Hubba is the best backpacking tent I've owned and I've tested a lot.  Falling asleep listening to the oscillating river and staring towards the Northern sky is one of the most peaceful things I've ever done.

Free kindling.

Dirt floor.

My new Big Agnes sleeping bag kept me toasty. Temperatures dipped overnight and nearly touched 30 degrees. There wasn't much of a wind.

Morning shadows cast across the forest floor.

Sausage roaster.


The Grouse Mountain 15° bag by Big Agnes actually has a pocket in the rear to hold their sleeping pad. I'll never again roll off my pad in the middle of a cold night; it provides that needed layer of insulation.

Fresh H20.

This trusty hiking bag has been on a lot of adventures, but still looks new.

Morning rays fall on my all-orange gear.

Packing up camp and releasing the air from my Insulated Air Core.

Until next time, into the pouch she goes.

Tent poles, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag (left to right).

One last splash of water onto the remaining coals and it's off for home to finish the axe project I've been working on (post to come soon).

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Tim said...

Jealous of your camping setup. Looks sick all set up. Looking fwd to the rest of summer.

Rhon Bell said...

I like to try and have the best I can afford. When your hobby is being outdoors it's where you spend your paychecks. Always a trade off from something else, but good gear is an important ingredient to enjoying your time outside.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Thomas Venney said...

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Jerry Gonzalez said...

Yeah, MSR Hubba Hubba is just what I need. Thank for your review!