May 3, 2012

Making Coffee

There are two things I really love - a good cup of coffee and things made in America. When an item I want is made in a different country - I at least require an interesting story behind it. Enter the Best Made Co.'s Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups. They are made from steel in a 100 year old enamel factory in Poland with a celebrated history. The company logo is baked into the front and the handle and rim receive a double dipping of enamel, hence the term "steadfast". A true trail-worthy item to throw into your pack for future adventures. 

Per the company website, "First featured in the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876, enamelware was touted to combine "all the advantages of glass with the strength of metal". Since then enamel tin and steel have long been favored by outdoorsmen and cowboys because it is light, durable and easy to clean."

Necessary items to create my morning coffee.

  Heating water over the blue flame of my MSR Pocket Rocket.


Sitting back, enjoying life and waiting.

Kind company.

A rolling boil.

  Lone leaf.

  Dipping the MSR Mugmate (1/4 full of coffee grounds) into the cup and allowing it to sit.

  Morning sunlight and shadows.

  5 Minutes and remove.

  A damn good cup of coffee and a pleasant river to sit beside.


Anonymous said...

I'm really shocked by the price of this enamel mug. In Poland, where I live, enamel mugs sells for 1-5$. Standard price is around 2$. You can find one like this in every polish household.

I bet Best Made CO buys them for less than 1$ and resells them for 32$! Great business!

Rhon Bell said...

I can't speak to input costs, but from a consumer vantage point - the mugs are well-crafted and good-looking and it's inherent value should be left up to individual customers. Thanks for the note.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Enamel cooking utensils are really good and have advantage over the nowadays stainless steel utensils because they're neutral to cooked food. Some elements like chrome and vanadium can get into food during cooking.
But like I said. In my opinion Best Made Co mugs are overpriced.

PS: Be careful with dents and damages. Places where enamel coating is damaged are very difficult to clean.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much everything from Best Made Co. is an overpriced rip off. They are just a bunch of latte drinking yuppies from the city. They just mark up the price on the hard labor and talents of other artisans who actually make the products. Total scam.

Everything they sell can be purchased directly from the original maker at a fraction of the price.