May 29, 2012


A promotion at work last month surely has taken up free time that would otherwise be spent taking photos and writing of adventures. Couple the busier work schedule with a motorcycle course and ambitions to purchase a Harley in July - I've been scattered. I'm preparing for a late summer of packing a two-man tent and a down sleeping bag into a saddle bag and seeing how far I can drive before the sun sets.

I was, however, able to escape recently over the border to New Hampshire and seek out a multi-day trip in the mountains. N.H. is quickly becoming a favorite get-a-way. Camping is cheap ($20/night, if not free) and they allow my chocolate lab to stay in the parks. Pets aren't allowed in my favorite parks in Maine - truly a hassle. 

I can be myself and enjoy life to it's fullest when I am relaxed, the way we are suppose to live, among the trees, wildness and solitude of Mother Nature. Cheers, all!

Home in a box for the next five days.

 A roomy interior houses comfy sleeping quarters compliments of Big Agnes.  
A bit of starter fuel for this evening's fire.  

Ole faithful goes where I go.

Practicing caution to not swing a perfectly good axe into the ground and damage my freshly sharpened bit.

Creating the perfect firewood tee-pee in the pit.

My trusty Woolrich shirt and Snow & Nealley Axe.

Refuge from possible rain clouds.

My sturdy and waterproof 6.5" foot L.L. Bean King Pine Dome #6.

  Adult activities taking place after the sun sets beyond New England's horizon line.

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matt said...

Do you work for LL Bean?

Rhon Bell said...

I did for a period in college, but now I am with a large public company in Southern Maine.

Stacie said...

Good luck with your motorcycle class. Make a post on it.

Rhon Bell said...

Stacy - hoping it goes well. I grew up on a dirt bike, so it shouldn't be a huge change.

Thanks for the note,