May 8, 2012


Farming is a fundamental part of American life. The act can be as dated and primitive or technologically advanced as you wish it. Nonetheless, without it we wouldn't be here today. I'm always fascinated when I come across something historically significant to New England and such was the case today. I found the below farm that still stands after 228 years of operation. Built in 1778, this farm still provides crops to local towns. A rustic barn-front caught my eye on a Sunday drive. Goats that roam the pasture add to it's character. The misaligned barn windows increase the allure. The character of the property make you envision how life may have looked 200 years ago - the narrow dirt roads lined with ruts from horse carriages, the expansive forests and underdeveloped towns, and the peace and quiet that came along with it. 

One thing is for sure - tonight's dinner will consist of fresh farm potatoes, beets, and carrots. The conversation around the table will more than likely venture to topics of free-range chickens and a large vegetable garden on our own property in the very near future. Nobody can ever fault you for being self-sufficient and in touch with mother nature - after all it's Maine, "The Way Life Should Be".


Anonymous said...

You took some awesome shots! I can only imagine the history held in those barn walls.

Rhon Bell said...

Maine has a lot of really interesting areas to explore, this being one. Take care.