May 22, 2012

The Dam

It's places like this that make weekend road trips worth all the while. We discovered this location on a whim after crossing a bridge and turning off to find a road that followed the waterway. After a short distance and a few turns, we parked on the edge of a country road and ventured through an overgrown forest floor. The splashing of water drew closer with every step we took. Water gushed over the old stone dam creating a tranquil white noise that surrounded us. Sitting back on the bank, sandwich in hand, we watched as white foam built up near the rocks at the base of the falls before being swept down river. 

After taking our last bites of lunch, we continued on the journey - pausing occasionally to take photos. The weather was warm and we soon spotted a lake through thick brush on a dirt road. Pulling into a nearby turn-off, we ventured towards the beach, took our boots off and waded into the crystal clear water. Rivers, lakes, and oceans seem to bring me a sense of relaxation. They are loud yet say nothing. They can help foster thoughts or completely help avoid them. They bring us closer to nature; something we can all appreciate.

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