May 17, 2012

Axe Project: Part 2 of 2

The poly urethane is dry and the axe now shines. Peeling the remaining pieces of 3M tape from the handle, I worried the colors to appear differently than I imagined, but I'm satisfied with the results. It's plaid. It's red, white, and blue; American. I put a fresh edge on the blade with my leather strop then took to the woods for a weekend to put her to the test.  I can report no problems while splitting camp firewood for an afternoon. The Snow & Nealley axe itself is strong, sturdy and straight. The paint blends into the wooden handle quite finely for a smooth swinging motion. I'm proud to have a new American-made axe that I had a hand in the final outcome. Total cost of the project: $66.

  • $40 - Brand new Snow & Nealley axe (six years old and retails for ~$90)
  • $16 - 4 Sprays (3 colors and a primer) 
  • $5   - Stain
  • $5   - Poly urethane


Ted Barbeau said...

Rad. I've been looking to pick up a S&N for a while now but opted out when I heard they were starting to outsource some of their product overseas. Looks like eBay is the way to go. Very cool project - great result.

Rhon Bell said...


It was fun. Check Craigslist, too. Maybe I was just lucky to find this one, but it's in good shape and it was fun. Let me know your results if you do try this!


Arthur said...

Rhon, I'd never heard of Snoe & Nealley. I'll find a store to pick up one. I as well prefer supporting our country.

trip said...

Man, yours turned out great. Much better than my feeble attempt...Nice job.