April 9, 2012

Spring Tenting

Anxious to setup camp for the second time this season, a couple friends and I head an hour North to a large lake on private land. Not only is this lake great for bass fishing, but there are no other camps located on it. You simply can't ask for any greater sense of serenity. My dream weekend consists of daylong campfires, tossing a line in the water and relaxing around a picnic table. Luckily, as a Mainer, this dream takes place quite often.

Maple syrup season has recently wrapped up.  As the evenings no longer fall below freezing, the syrup ceases to run. This home, spotted North on our journey, is dubbed "Maple Lane".
Rock fences and wooden gates.


We venture into town after setting up camp. I'm craving a lobster roll; something I've never tempted making over fire and probably never will. A quick 10 minute drive satisfies my taste buds and we're soon back at camp sitting around the firepit.

After the two minutes it takes to setup my MSR Hubba Hubba tent, I toss my down L.L. Bean sleeping bags inside and camp is complete. A fly rod and fish net wait patiently for the first casts of the afternoon.

A green VW Spotting on the first sprouts of green spring grass.

I see a small skiff from the road. She represents a great city.

One of the oddest automotive combinations I've seen. I'm told the driver sits on the snowmobile and acceleration of its throttle makes the car moves forward. I don't recommend this at home.

Day 2 Lunch.

For sale. Possible purchase. This would haul my tent perfectly.

Hiking bag, fishing kit, and our first Bass of 2012.


Rabid Outdoorsman said...

How much did they want for the snowmobile car combo? I am very interested.

Unknown said...

Oh my! I know you said don't try it at home, but I think that snowmobile idea would be wonderful on my Jeep! Lol. Oh the creations that come from Maine! :)

Rhon Bell said...

Steve, this was out near Sebago Lake. I think it was $1,500.

Ashley, It's pretty crazy - haha. Maine is a unique place!


Anonymous said...

Something seems fishy about this post

Rhon Bell said...

Very fishy... 15+" of Bass! Haha

Nomad Nina said...

Thank you for sharing tthis