April 4, 2012

Review: Survival Straps

We all love American made products, but what makes an American product even more desirable? When the March issue of Men's Journal magazine names this company's product in the "Top 50 pieces of gear every person should own". Allow me to introduce a company you may have already heard of: Survival Straps. They make stylish bracelets to help you survive whatever life throws at you. Each bracelet is formed from military grade paracord that can be unraveled in an emergency situation. Most all outdoorsmen carry a length of paracord in their "kit" or hiking bag, but if you find yourself far from your supplies - you can rely on your bracelet. Potential needs could range from tying a tourniquet, making a bow drill for fire, a shoelace if yours snaps while hiking or even securing a BBQ grill to the bed of your pickup when a bungee cord breaks on the highway.

Choose your colors, pick a design and even select from among Officially Licensed Collegiate Logos. Exactly what you need - a blue/white Kentucky Wildcats Survival Strap. Check out their website, here, find a design you like, and hit the check out! They look great and are extremely well crafted.

If you're a real proud American - purchase the Wounded Warriors bracelet - 50% of proceeds go to directly to the project. To date, they have donated nearly $500,000 and have a goal in 2012 of $1,000,000. America!


tim said...

Or I suppose, if you were even moderately crafty with about an hour of time on your hands you could make one for the price of the cord at EMS and some hardware at your local hardware store.

Rhon Bell said...

Moderately crafty being the key phrase there, but in all honesty the tightness of the weave is something I couldn't do by hand. I can do a lot with paracord - monkey fists, etc, but I would consider recreating this difficult.

Thanks for visiting,

Kate. said...

these are awesome- would make a great gift! i tend to wear mine shortened with a slide knot around my neck when i'm backpacking.

Rhon Bell said...

That's a cool idea. I was wondering why they haven't created some sort of a necklace. I should pass that on.


SurvivalStraps said...

Hey Rhon,

My name is Sarah and I work for Survival Straps. Thanks for this awesome review! We do have necklaces and have launched them with our Team USA collection (http://www.survivalstraps.com/Team-USA.html), we'll have plenty more options available in the future, so stay tuned! Thanks for your support!

Rhon Bell said...

Sarah, Thanks for sending these out. Definitely an interesting business.