April 12, 2012

Review: Filson's Antique Tin Cloth Pants

Reading and listening to stories about the legend of Filson's tin cloth garments, I decided to drop a few dollars on a pair of Antique Tin Cloth 5-Pocket Pants. For those unfamiliar - tin cloth is one of the most water-resistant and durable materials and Filson bases their business upon it.

Why should you shell out $85?  A few reasons...
  • The styling of these pants is modern and more fit than the original Tin Cloth Pants. They look and feel great around a campfire AND in the office on casual Friday.
  • If you spend any amount of time outdoors you'll want a pair of go-to pants that will stand up to being snagged or caught up on branches, burrs, or bushes.
  • Rain beads up and runs directly off with minimal to no absorption. I tested this before I even took them outdoors with a jar of water. Passing grade.
  • The item description doesn't mention being stain-resistant, but I was able to wipe off, with a damp cloth, what I thought was a permanent charcoal stain from a burnt log.


Anonymous said...

Curious to know how they hold up. Bought a Tin Cloth shirt last year. Nice but had to re-sew every button. Filon Western snap flannel and chaps in my collection were better finished.

Rhon Bell said...

Well, I also have purchased a couple Alaska Guide Shirts. Two buttons fell off one of the shirts within 3 days and had to be resewn. They are a solid shirt though. The pants are constructed extremely well.

Sounds like you have a few good pieces in your closet.

tim said...

What's the deal with buttons falling off their shirts? That's not quite a ringing endorsement for a shirt that sells for $80+. Why don't they just sell it without buttons and then you can sew the buttons on to your desired strength.

Rhon Bell said...

Tim, I agree. The shirt itself is a good looking and tough shirt that will hold up, but wherever they are having these made needs to have better quality control. For $80 you NEED to have the whole deal.

AZWanderings said...

Great review. I've been picking up some Filson gear lately and have been in love with it. Not all of their clothing fits me perfectly, but that Alaskan guide shirt you have on in the last picture is one of my favorite pieces of clothing.