April 17, 2012

Kennebunkport and Wolfe's Neck State Park

A warm weekend calls for an open sunroof and a journey down the infamous Route 1. Stretching from Maine to Florida, Route 1 highlights the rugged coast of Maine and weaves through the most scenic coastal towns and fishing villages. Today we decided to head South to Kennebunkport for lunch and then rewind and head back North to Freeport, ME for a dayhike in Wolfe's Neck State Park.

A popular stop is Kennebunkport, a busy community and seasonal home to George W. Bush and family. His property sits luxuriously on a small peninsula. A tennis court and mold of a cow can be spotted near the gate.

Barbershop and spot to dodge into while the ladies fill shopping bags.
Numerous color-coded directional markers.

Unique coastline in Kennebunkport.

Reflectionary photography.

Expansive views across the horizon as the air begins to chill in the early afternoon.

Although trees are budding across Southern Maine, the woods still appear a remnant of late fall. The forest floor, vegitation and trees blend into a brown convergence.

Opening a ziplock bag of pistachio's, we pop onto a couple rustic benches and listen to the birds chirp. A nest and two osperrey are spotted in a nearby tree, but today's lens won't reach quite that far.

The critters are out and about.

Filson's Vintage Plaid shirt and L.L. Bean khaki's.

Pine needles cake the ground.

Last, but not least, a turkey crosses our road.


Jess said...

I loved hiking at Wolfe's Neck last summer when we were in Freeport on vacation. Beautiful, warm, and quite a bit to see. Great photos! I can't wait to return.

Rhon Bell said...

Jess, So many great places to hike in Maine! I enjoyed my visit to Wolfe's Neck and hopefully can find time to tent there this summer. Take care.