April 27, 2012

First Aid Week: On-The-Go

In continuation of First Aid week we'll focus on forming a compact kit that can be kept in your hiking, hunting or camping bag to have in emergency situations. This kit contains items designed to help you survive  a variety of situations from an injury to becoming lost. Nobody plans to get lost, but when a trail blaze is inadvertently overlooked or hunting partners become separated - it's peace of mind to have what it takes to make it through the night.

This doesn't have to be an expensive investment. I purchased this simple pouch at an Army Surplus store for $1.99 a couple years back and have added contents over time. Choose your own size, but something that fits in the palm of your hand with room for essentials will surpass. 

Water-repellancy is also a consideration when choosing a pouch/container. As I carry this in a water-resistant hiking bag, this isn't a prime concern.

  1. Triple antibiotic ointment for wound treatment
  2. Fire steel as matches may become wet or eventually run out 
  3. Bear spray 
  4. Plastic bag with various pain medication for injuries
  5. Iodine prep pads
  6. Survival saw can be used to cut down full grown trees or as a snare
  7. Water purification tablets
  8. Ace wraps
  9. Various band-aids
  10. Towelettes
  11. Fishing hooks and line [not shown]
Although items may vary based upon trip choice and conditions, the basics remain the same. Knowing how to use these tools to build fire, create shelter, and purify water are important to prepare for the unexpected. Please feel free to comment on this post with any additional items you feel important to carry where you're from.


Anonymous said...

Glock 22..just kidding. One thing I always we ar whether I'm working in the woods or camping is a belt with holes that span the entire length of the belt. Tourniquet.

tim said...

Probably goes without saying, but a topo map and a compass are probably good investments too, though might not necessarily fall into the "first aid" category.

Rhon Bell said...

Tourniquets and a Glock are always good choices.

Those are things I did not show - thanks. I do carry them in my pack as well. Always good to have waterproof maps and a compass for sure!


Harold said...

Yes your thought are right when ever you go hunting first aid is necessary . In emergency you use first aid then consult a doctor.